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农民工的春天在哪里。农民工,一个特殊时期奉献最大、困苦最多、地位最低的社会群体;对农民工来说,城市无疑是他们梦想中的"乌托邦",这里充满着诱惑和机遇,亮如白昼的夜晚,美丽休闲的公园,城市的文明和优雅,学校的优质资源等等,都让他们憧憬和留恋,他们想通过自己的努力让孩子也能融入到这个春天里。如今弱势群体的范围在不断地蔓延,如果说一些"白领阶层"也属弱势群体,那么农民工则更是纯弱势群体。Where migrant workers in the spring. Migrant workers, a special period of the greatest dedication, hardship maximum, minimum status social groups; migrant workers, the city is undoubtedly their dream of "Utopia", here is full of temptations and opportunities of the night as bright as day, beautiful leisure the park, the city's culture and elegance, quality resources schools, etc., so that they longing and nostalgia, they want through their own efforts so that children can also be integrated into this spring. Today the range of vulnerable groups constantly spreading, if some of the "white-collar" also is vulnerable, then the migrant workers is even more pure vulnerable groups.我的故事