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THIS SITE IS ABOUT A GAME I AM MAKING! the games info: its a anime 3d game based on real life, and events in anime shows!
But, me and little sister will be playing this of course :)
we are unreportable, so we cant be reported LOL. i would love for us to be best buds :D...but please be careful because both me and her are yandere's >.> This game was made by a 11 year old girl BELIVE IT OR NOT ^-^... estimated time the game MIGHT be finished!: 8 weeks or more sadly. i just started on it...when its done there will be a link to download it :)!!! when picking ur girl/boy to be u will need a password for the character because i dont want twins XD!!! if u know what i mean... like the same person! i want them all unique please! >.<
if u want the password to a character email me ^-^! and i will send u the password right away!! so u can play :).. and u can not be my sister's or my familys characters because we would still be twins..duh... XD.. if u hack u will be banned and i will contact the police so i am sureeee u dont wanna do that .-. plus it messes up the fun for others =-=!! and u might be thinking: derppppp like i would be banned right away <_> yesssss u will be banned right away because... im alwayssssssssss ALWAYS ME cause i am clearly always online and i am running around checking for idiots like hackers -,-
- PLEASE DONT RECORD U PLAYING THIS GAME, BECAUSE PLEASE REPECT OTHERS: some people do not like because on camara. PLUS THIS IS A ANIME WORLD SIMULATION. if u wanna record please let be by ur self or with ur friend(s).
add this site if u are interested in this game so u can check on it, for when it come out! :)

by: yours truly the 11 year old Skyla :D
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